Energy Viewer

Energy Viewer is a smart product that allows solar power plant owners to easily and remotely monitor their system’s output and home’s consumption, keeping their energy use and savings in check, with or without an energy storage system installed.

What are the main highlights of Energy Viewer?

Dynamically Adaptable

Energy Viewer dynamically adapts to the physical configuration of your plant: inverters, meters, storage, charging stations!

Comprehensive Monitoring

Always keep an eye on your home’s consumption, thanks to dedicated dashboards and KPIs.

e-Mobility Integration

Thanks to the compatibility with FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox you can configure and manage your e-Car, thus remotely monitor charging process and trends.

Start optimizing your self-consumption and self-sufficiency right away by downloading Energy Viewer!

App Store

iOS & iPadOS

Compatible from v11.0

Google Play Store


Compatible from v7.0 (Nougat)