Aurora Vision APIs

Aurora Vision APIs is the RESTful Cloud-APIs service, made available through the Aurora Vision cloud, that provides access to multiple suites of calls in order to obtain data and information related to FIMER photovoltaic systems (properly registered on Aurora Vision).

What are the main benefits of the Aurora Vision APIs service?

Save time
Save money

Aurora Vision APIs are cloud-based. Access to the data of FIMER photovoltaic systems is completely managed and orchestrated by Aurora Vision. No additional local hardware is required, so as to allow you to save time and money.


RESTful architecture allows for improved understanding and reduced integration efforts, with cyber-security always in mind.


Aurora Vision APIs are treated and maintained as a great additional value for our customers; for this reason we always listen carefully to feedback for improving the service with specific implementations and releases.

What are the main applications of using data from FIMER photovoltaic systems?

Products &

Leverage data to design products and customized solutions for your end customers, in order to meet their needs.


Leverage data to train DNNs (Deep Neural Networks), looking into the future of VPPs (Virtual Power Plants) and intelligent management of energy exchange.


Leverage data to build advanced analytics tools, allowing you to perform detailed analyzes on the parameters of interest.