Global Navigation Bar

The global navigation bar is a fixed component that adapts to the page being consulted.
You can find it at the top of the viewport (that is, that area that can actually be interacted with ) and it allows you to quickly and intuitively access the main pages and features:

Let’s analyze the interactive parts of which it is composed from left to right.


On any page you are, you can always click here to return to the main landing point of your portfolio.
All the information you need are collected and proposed in a clear and simple way, in order to always have them available “At-a-Glance”.

Use the Home button to quickly return on the main landing point of your portfolio


Allows you to display a drop-down menu from which to access:

  • Dashboard: obtain an overview of the information of a plant as well as its performances through the Plant Performance tab, or go into detail on the individual device telemetries through the Device Performance tab;
  • Management: obtain a hierarchical view of solar plants and devices registered in your portfolio, manage and reflect the installation lifecycle of inverter, loggers, combiners, meters, batteries… approve remote firmware updates;
Use the Plants button to access the Dashboard or Management pages


Allows you to display a drop-down menu from which to access:

  • Event Log: allows you to see active/closed events and use multiple filters ranging from: time slices, error type, event severity, status;
  • Profile Configuration: create and customize error profiles by modifying the settings of the individual error categories in detail in order to choose the evaluation time, elapsed time, thresholds and severity;
  • Profile Assign: assign different error profiles to different plants registered on your portfolio, in order to define dedicated control routines, and create e-mail recipients to alert stakeholders on active events with a certain severity;
  • Definitions: consult the definitions of the error categories to understand how to build your robust alarming routine;
Use the Events button to access the Event Log, Profile Assign, Profile Configuration pages


Allows you to manage and generate custom reports, for finance and customers, which can be scheduled over time:

Use the Reports button to access the list of executed and scheduled reports or create new ones


Allows you to display a drop-down menu from which to access:

  • Submit Case: official support page on the FIMER website to request assistance on specific categories;
  • Documentation: official documentation page on Aurora Vision products and services;
  • Send Feedback: feedback page dedicated to reporting bugs or deficiencies for Plant Portfolio Manager;
Use the Help button to access the Aurora Vision documentation


Allows you to perform an extensive search on plant or devices belonging to your portfolio.
Based on the subject to search, you can use filtering criteria such as name, EntityID, MAC Address or Serial Number:

Use the Search interactive window to search for plants or devices in your portfolio

Administration – Users

Administer users by creating new ones and assigning them a specific role and, freely, a specific plant group.

Use the Users page to administer users in your portfolio

Administration – Plants

Create and manage plants, thus going to have a divided management of your portfolio and being able, at the same time, to assign users to certain groups based on specific preferences.

Use the Plants page to administer plants and plant groups in your portfolio

Account Preferences

Manage your account preferences: change your email address, reset your password, change the reference metric unit of measurement, consult the EULA in its entirety.

Use the Account Preferences page to manage your account details


Logout of Aurora Vision thus ending the current session. Thanks for choosing us and we hope to see you again soon!