General Overview

What is Plant Portfolio Manager?

Plant Portfolio Manager is the professional web portal, contained in the Aurora Vision offer, which allows you to perform advanced monitoring and management of your photovoltaic plants or those of your customers. It has all the tools needed to set-up, install, operate and administer a portfolio of residential to utility scale power-plants.


Evaluate the performances of your fleet of solar plants and detect real time under performing conditions, thanks to a main comprehensive dashboard

Multilevel Monitoring

Evaluate the performances of a solar plant and detect under-performing conditions at device level, by keeping an overview of the main telemetries of the solar plant or going into the details of the individual devices installed.

Custom Reporting

Generate custom and/or scheduled reports (for billing, finance and customers) for single plant/device or for a set of plants/devices. Export them in standard formats (.CSV, .XLSX).

Assets Management

Manage and reflect the installation lifecycle, through various parameters, for plant and/or individual devices (inverter, loggers, combiners, meters, batteries…).
Approve remote firmware updates.

Robust Alarming

Define and manage error profiles and categories, consult event logs and customize notifications to interconnect stakeholders.

Customers Management

Create new customer accounts, setup new power plants, provision collaborative monitoring

How to access Plant Portfolio Manager?

Aurora Vision uses a Role Based Access (RBA) system to discriminate which products and features the user can access. The system redirects the user based on his Privilege Role, which is assigned only after completing a registration or assignment operation.

To access Plant Portfolio Manager you need a properly validated Aurora Vision account with Privilege Role Administrator.
An Aurora Vision account with Administrator privilege role, can only be obtained by sending an official request to FIMER Customer Support (Contact Us) and explicitly asking that you want to administer a fleet of solar plants with your own portfolio:

Contact Customer Support

On the Aurora Vision Log-In page, click on the Customer Support link in order to be redirected to the dedicated page. Alternatively, scan the QR-Code.

Already have an Aurora Vision account?

If you already Signed-Up on Aurora Vision, whether you have already registered your first plant or not, you must still contact FIMER Customer Support to obtain an account with an Administrator privilege role.